Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Going Gray

I have been working on another blog these days that discusses the ups and downs of marriage. But I don't want this blog to start getting cobwebs and dust bunnies. The blog isn't old; it just needs a reboot and I plan on doing it.

I don't want this blog to get old because, well at the age of 31, I am getting old! I stand before you today and admit unwilling to you that I have gray hair. Gray hairs have this odd way of a standing at attention, which draws attention to them. I secretly think gray hairs are divas; they want attention and have waited too long for it, so when they debut they shine! I would prefer if they keep the role of stage hand; be the support that the good hairs lean on, never to be seen.

So the other day, Trae and I were out for a nice date. We had gone to dinner at a nice restaurant. We feasted on yummy sushi. We enjoyed each other's company and had good conversation that wasn't work-centric. It was a wonderful night, and I knew that being past 30 wasn't  all that bad. After all in your early twenties, you can't really afford sushi unless it comes from a questionable plastic container at the grocery store. Now I am eating sushi made by a real chef at a fancy restaurant that even makes you take your shoes off to coincide with Japanese tradition. All in all the dinner was wonderful.

When we got out to the parking lot, Trae looked lovingly in my eyes. His hand reached up to stroke my check. I puckered up for a kiss, and when I thought his hand was going to cradle my check to pull me in for a kiss, his hand moved upwards. Then PLINK. In between his finger and thumb was a silver trophy. A gray hair...from MY HEAD! The next few moments were blurry as I gave out a squeak/ appropriate for public yelp and mentally cursed growing older.

Needless to say, Trae did not get his after dinner kiss.

Badly drawn sushi girl.