Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost a year


Time flies.

As a kid, I never put much stock into that saying. It was just one of those odd things grown-ups said. Christmas never came and math class was longer than long division. Grown-ups did not understand time at all. Now I am a kid posing in an adult's body and I am planning my one year wedding anniversary trip.

I own cats, pay bills, do laundry, and have a husband, yet I still have stuff animals sitting in the window sills and two Disney stations on my Pandora account. I also still dress up for Halloween. When did I become this hybrid child-adult?

I am in shock that I have been married for almost a year. My husband and I got engaged after dating for twenty months. Seven months after getting engaged, we got married on the happiest day of my life.

Taken by one of my maids of honor
Yet, so much has happened in that year that I have to remind myself that almost 365 days have passed. In one year I have (in no particular order):
  • changed jobs...twice
  • gone to Ithaca, NY without my husband two weeks after getting married
  • gone to Kentucky and eaten at the original KFC
  • mourned the loss of my grandmother
  • moved to a new state and new apartment
  • lived without my husband for a month and half
  • saw Jimmy Buffett live 
  • went on the most relaxing honeymoon
  • seen the end of the Harry Potter saga play out on the big screen
  • celebrated my husband's 30th birthday
  • going to go to my 10 year high school reunion
I can't believe that whole list occurred (or will occur) before my one year wedding anniversary.
I do know that throughout that whole year, one thing has been a constant: food. We have eaten our way through marriage and have enjoyed the bonding that can only occur in a kitchen. Tonight was not a special night, but we sat together over a crock pot meal and just enjoyed being together; being us.

It is moments like tonight when my husband kisses me after finishing dinner and then pulls me close to him that makes me realize that if time flies, I am sure glad it is flying with him.

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Erin M. said...

congratulations on the year landmark:) I was thinking about your wedding weekend a couple of days ago - you've done a lot of cool stuff in your years on this planet, nevermind this year, so kudos to you, m'dear, for a life well-intentionally lived:):)