Saturday, October 1, 2011

Disney Fun Review

I want to quickly share my Disney vacation photos from almost two months ago, before I launch into a new post. So please, enjoy the photos and quick commentary!

On August second, Trae and I literally spent the whole day at the Disney Hollywood Studios. I got to see Trae in true childhood form as we rode the Star Wars ride three times. (It started to rain and we got to ride the attraction two times back to line! And I was the rebel spy! Trae sure was jealous!!)

We ate lunch with the awesome Disney Dining Plan at the 50s Prime Time Cafe. We loved it! It looked like a TV set from an I Love Lucy Show or The Dick Van Dyke Show. It was so much fun with waiters and waitresses telling you to eat your veggies and keep your elbows off the table!

 We got a snack of R2-D2 popcorn. Trae saws it feel wrong eating R2's inter-workings, but as this picture shows you, he didn't feel too wrong digging in!

 The back-lot tour provided nerdom heaven for Trae with lots of movie props!

On August third, we did a double feature of the Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

We ate at the Tusker House and it was honestly one of the top ten meals I have had in my life. The buffet was extensive and delicious, with the staff willing to answer any question you had about the food. I went to great lengths to find the Mango Chutney recipe that was available for the flat breads.We ate soo much and it was amazing. I honestly have been craving a return trip and have been plotting our next Disney vacation around the Tusker House.

 Epcot was wonderful a well.. We enjoyed the mulch-cultured food, but more importantly the friendship! I met up with my old Clemson buddy Beth and my old Clemson roomie Melissa and her hubby Thomas.

The funniest thing happened on the Imagination Ride with Figment; we got stuck!!We got stuck at this odd part with a giant butterfly in cage, and the lights went down for ten minutes. All we could hear was the rusty squeak of the butterfly. Beth sent us oddly encouraging text messages about being rescued by Disney cast members. We weren't. And we got off the ride just in tme to watch Captian E-O, Trae's most fond memory of his last trip to Disney.

Well, the old gang wondered around the countries, including the Troll ride in Norway, which Beth hates. We also enjoyed Mexico and had fun singing along with the Three Caballeros. We finished the night at a German restaurant were Thomas and Trae heard a multitude of old Clemson "tails."

The next day, August the fourth, was a day of the Magic Kingdom, and it started off with a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace. During the whole vacation planning, Trae kept telling me that he was humoring my desire for a character breakfast; yet, when Eeyore came to our table, he almost knocked over the table to hug the ol' gray donkey!! We had a wonderful time eating breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends! We also got an anniversary card from the gang!!

I felt like I was cheating on my dad a bit here; he was the only other person I had ever ridden the Dumbo ride with!

 Good bye Snow White ride! With the new expansion coming in 2012, the Snow White ride will be torn down. I was truly sad knowing this was my last time around on the Snow White ride! Bye Bye Doopey!

 Beth doesn't like to share the piano in the Haunted Mansion line!

 I survived Splash Mountain! It was mine and Trae's first time on the ride!! I also got to be the guest conductor on the real steam train and say "All abroad!" At one point, I even got to wear the conductor's hat!

We ended the night was a fireworks dessert party. We enjoyed our glasses of milk and platefuls of dessert!!

On August 5th, we were suppose to head home, but we had left over Disney dining points and met Beth back at Epcot! We ate at Morocco, and said Hello to some of our favorite Disney characters.

Just remember that fez are cool!

Belle is confused because my shirt says "I'm with the Beast!" and according to her, he isn't hairy enough to be the Beast!

Hope you enjoyed our mini-photo gallery!!! Disney better watch out in 2013, because the Murray family is coming back to the Kingdom then!!

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