Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holiday Season

I have started two Thanksgiving blogs, and yet, cannot seem to finish them. I was afraid of being too depressing. I had a good Thanksgiving with Trae's family, but I also had a hard time being away from my family. This Thanksgiving would be the first major holiday without Fanny.

I am using Fanny's beloved skinny tree this year. The branches, especially at the bottom, are really starting to look Charlie Brown-ish. I believe that more wire than fake green needles are left on those branches. I do know, however, that Fanny and Grandpa are smiling down on Trae and I, especially when we were putting the ornaments on the tree.

I have a lot of hopes to bake this holiday season. So far I have only used Evangeline to make some cookies; I haven't even broken her out for cupcakes! The department I work for that the community college is putting on a Christmas party, so I might have to make holiday cake pops for it! Even though my boss did mention she wasn't sure why people took the time to make homemade marshmallows, so I might make some to see if I can convert her. I was thinking of making "S'more Bites," which would be homemade marshmallows dunked in chocolate and rolled in graham cracker (maybe even homemade graham cracker).

I have also started bookmarking a huge list of holiday treats. Maybe I will even attempt a gingerbread house! I do know lately I've been reading a lot of Disney blogs and my urges to go back are swelling. I wondering if I did Disney themed baking if that would help contain the desire to get in my car and drive to Orlando.

Well, I do believe I should end this blog post. I do believe this post is the most rambling and non-directional post I have written. I just wanted you to know that I have not disappeared, but instead I am rambling...rambling towards the end of the semester and to the break when I can bake and blog with no papers to grade! So until the break, give me suggestions in the comments on what I should make with my wonderful Evangeline, the kitchen aid.

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