Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello! Where have you been?

February is a long time to not post anything. A quick update is:

  •  March and April were dull months
  • Trae and I went with my parents and Aunt Mary Ann to Alaska in May
  • I went to the Kellogg Institute for Developmental Education over the month of July
  • I went to Vietnam with a friend for a week in August
  • Before I went to Vietnam, Trae and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary
  • Trae and my jet-lagged self moved to another city and both have new jobs
  • We are living in a hotel
  • We went to the beach for a weekend with my mom's side of the family 
  • We just started a contract on a house!!! 
We just accepted the bank's last offer on a foreclosure, and we are very excited. If everything goes right with the inspections, the Murray's will be full-fledged adults: jobs and a house! I can't believe we might actually have a house. I will miss our apartment, especially since I really haven't seen it in two months, but I am ready to stop living in this limbo and have a settled place. So far I like our new city; one of my cousins, his wife, and super cute kid live here and being around family is nice. However, being this far away from my parents is hard. (We are about six-ish hours away from them!) Also, missing Clemson footballs is tough!! My daddy has been picking on me about how he gets to go to the first game. Would you like to see our house?

106 Field Street, Greenville NC

Like it?? We do. Plenty of room for guests and a screened in porch for our kitties. (I really miss our kitties, and they are going to LOVE the porch.) I also can't wait to have a full sized kitchen again. Right now we live in:

Don't let the picture deceive you; it is small. The living room space is exaggerated: promise. (Especially the kitchen counter space. The coffee pot takes up the whole space!) Anyways, despite the space issues, Trae and I are very happy to be together, because we thought at first I would have to stay to finish my contract at our old community college. I am glad the school was willing to let us go together. Now we are carving out a home in a hotel and I have to say with Trae there, it is home. Now we will have a real home of our own! To celebrate in our new home, we tackled cooking in our "kitchen." I got a wonderful chicken parmesan from Fresh Market as well as orzo salad with cherry tomatoes and a Boston Cream Pie cupcake. We paired the chicken and orzo with green beans and sat Asian style around the coffee table while watching Honey Boo Boo...romantic, I know. It was nice to set in our temp home and share a meal we cooked together. As we cooked the phone kept ringing with his family members excitedly asking questions about our house. It made the hotel room buzzing with excitement. I even burnt the edges of our brie crostini! Oops! But I got so excited answering questions that I forgot to watch the pan. Luckily they still tasted super yummy.

Sitting on our dingy brown carpet eating at our coffee table with Honey Boo-Boo telling us about her pig Glitzy gave us a sense of peace and home. Sure we didn't have our nice table or plates and we weren't able to cook one of our elaborate meals, but right now at this very moment, we have full bellies from a good meal and most importantly we have each other. And we will now have a house to create more memories in. But tonight taught me that we don't need a big house to make memories or to be just someone who you love and who loves you back. That love will automatically make any moment a moment to savor and turn into a memory....even if it is sitting on dingy carpet in a hotel room.


Linda B said...

How awesome is it that you will be able to look back at all the memories you are making & think of all the great times to come! Woo hoo!

MJ said...

SO glad to see the Grass Harp up and running again! Glad you your jobs, glad for your home(s), glad for your family, close and far, and very glad you have each other.

Erin M. said...

That's lovely:) The house looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!