Friday, October 18, 2013

Promises to Myself

My husband kindly pointed out that I don't blog anymore; I use to blog all the time before we moved and then BAM, nothing. I have decided that since I want to pursue a MA in Creative Writing, then I should write. I have entered several creative writing contests; I have also become a reader for Gemini Magazine. (I have a staff bio write up on their website!) I am not sure what all to write to update and revamp this blog, but I do promise to start again. My goal is to blog twice a week, and I guess since this blog is mainly about baking that means I need to pull out Evangeline the Tangerine Kitchen Aid and getting to baking. (My husband and co-workers will love the outcome of more blogging!)

During my blogging break, I did
take all four Wilton decorating courses at Michael's Craft Store. I would recommend the classes to anyone who has even a remote interest in cake decorating. I met some wonderful people who have become friends and also made some beautiful cakes. I learned so much in the courses that I got asked to make my goddaughter's first birthday cake, which was Dr. Seuss themed! I also made my friend Meredith's birthday cake and cupcakes for her 30th birthday party which had a 1980's theme. I plan in going into more detail on those two events soon! So, since this is just a hello, I'm back entry I figured I would leave you with some photos of my cake decorating exploits.Enjoy!!
Wilton Class Cake
Wilton Class Cake
Wilton Class Cake
Cupcakes from the 30th birthday party. I had Pac Man, Care Bear tummies, Rubix Cub, M TV, and Cabbage Patch Kids! 

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