Monday, February 14, 2011

The Role of Food: Part Two

Not all of the creations to come out of our kitchen are sugar laced; however, I have already gone through two small bottles of vanilla extract in the last month.

When we first started dating, my husband knew very little about kitchens and how they operated. He had cooked some, yet he was predominately a microwave man. My apartment at the time was stuck in at time warp from the 1950s/ 1960s. The push buttons, which controlled the eyes on the stove, did not encourage a fondness for cooking in him.

(The buttons did even bring down cooking enthusiasts with simple tasks such as making tea!)

"It has buttons!" was all we could hear from the living room!

I had lovely green sinks and gold speckled counter tops in that apartment as well as brown/ sparkly gold plaid wallpaper in the living room. It was my first single abode apartment and I loved ever out-dated, cheap-rent square inch of it!

With that stove, I woo'ed and won my husband....bacon, pasta, a Death Star cake. Now, I live in an apartment with nice kitchen that has proper stove and my husband has discovered Alton Brown. I thank Alton Brown, the Mr. Wizard of food, for introducing my husband to cooking. Together we have bonded over dishes; dishes, to us, that have been culinary masterpieces. Each meal has caused us to talk, laugh, and learn.

From our one month anniversary dinner!

A dinner is a lot like a relationship. Not every relationship is the same even though all relationships uphold the same titles: boyfriend/ girlfriend, serious, causal, dating, married. My ragu is not going to taste the same as my other married friends; my ingredients will be different, yet when all the sauces are done, they all going to be classified at ragu. Even if we all followed the same recipe, our ragus would still taste different. A pinch of salt? How much is really a pinch? Therefore, we are all married, but each marriage is going to be different.

I will admit, I have trouble at times accepting this. A lot of our friends have houses, take vacations, and have job provided insurance. I wish we had all of those things; however, when I am in the kitchen with him with the cats hoping we drop something on the floor, our three bedroom apartment is home. I do not need a house or a vacation. I can make a wonderful dinner, turn off my phone, and be taken away with a movie or reading silently together. One day we will have those things, but if I keep focusing on those, I will miss what today offers us.

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