Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Romantical Me

I love romance. Anyone born  and breed on Disney loves romance, and I love Disney. I might be an English major but some equations are simple. Disney + Fanatical= Hopeless Romantic.

However, I do not need dancing candlesticks or jazz playing alligators to have romance, but I do require a bowl of pasta and candles!

Around April the weather started to warm up, and it made me eager to get outside. (I also have retained the Disney child-like glee and have been known to run happy circles in warm weather!) My desire to be outside mixed with my craving for Chinese food (lo mien noodles, yum!) made for an impromptu romantic setting.

I picked up the food before Trae got home from work, and went to work on sweeping the porch. I  put together our two mismatched TV trays on the porch, and then threw a black table cloth over them. I put out my black and white Chinese inspired tea cups on the porch railing and inserted tea lights into the cups.

Trae knew I was picking up Chinese food, but he was very surprised that our porch has been turned into an outdoor Chinese bistro!

Romance doesn't have to be time extensive and even expensive; it can be creative and fun! I hate the fact that people automatically associate romance with money. Romance comes from the heart, and not the wallet. And I love romancing my husband, especially at the spur of the moment!

Even the kitties got in on the outdoor action:

See the tongue? It is ready for some whisker licking good food!


Erin M. said...

Love it! And I blame Disney for my hopeless streak - oh, the prince the kiss the love the love!

Erin M. said...

Oh, and that Disney photo was like, the Royal Wedding magnified! 2nd balcony kiss, oh my!