Monday, April 18, 2011

Second Class Menu with First Class Taste

Last night, Trae and I went to a Titanic Memorial Dinner at a local Irish pub. This Irish pub is great at having a special themed dinner that is  pre-priced with a pre-set menu once a month. (And the price is great for the amount of food you get. You could go to a chain restaurant and not get the same quality or same quantity for the same price!) So far Trae and I have participated in three of these dinners: A Murder Mystery, Shakespeare Abridged, and the Titanic Dinner. Each time we have met new people and have enlightening conversation to go with a great meal.

The Titanic dinner replicated the second class menu shown below. Each course on the menu was served, and was paired with a wonderful wine. I honestlly don't think I even ate that much in one sitting on our cruise honeymoon!!


The pub encouraged period dress, and I took that as a chance to see if I could still fit into my prom dress from junior year. Now, to date myself, my junior year was around the time that blockbuster movie Titanic came out. Prom dresses that year were modeled after Kate Winslet's costumes from the movie, and my dress looked just like one the from the dramatic scene were Kate/Rose almost thrusts herself over-board but is convinced by a handsome Leo/ Jack not to.

A miracle occurred and the dress fit! I then made an awesome hair piece to go with the dress with the help of my trusty glue-gun.

 The complete picture:

Trae didn't dress up, but he was excited to escort his fancy lady to dinner. We were some of the first to arrive, and the staff at the pub was very excited that someone had dressed up. Overall out of the 50 dinner guests, only three people dressed up, and I have to outfit was the best!

The meal was amazing, and everything was cooked from scratch at the pub. I never would have put tapioca in a beef broth soup. I only think of it as something sweet for pudding or bubble tea. The sweetness added a whole new level to an ordinary broth soup. The cranberry sauce was divine, not the average Turkey Day stuff. I also never expect an Irish pub to make a curry chicken that rivaled any that I had at an Indian restaurant. Wine jelly with the coconut cookie topped with ice cream is a triple-flavor combination is astounding. The smoothness of the wine jelly mixed perfectly with crunch of the cookie, and made a fruity topping for the ice cream.  Each course was served with a tasting of a different wine that had been carefully paired to compliment its course's flavor. Overall, this dinner was a foodie's delight.

The owner of the restaurant got all of the recipes from this book: Last Dinner on the Titanic: Menus and Recipes. He told me about how he and his wife tested all of the recipes out before making them for the dinner. (Apparently it took his wife three tries to get the wine jelly right! I hope I have luck when I make it!)
I know that once the cookbook arrives at our apartment, I will be writing a lot about  my Titanic trails and errors! I love when a dinner not only makes a great memory, but also leads to memories to be made. Now Amazon, hurry up and bring me my book!! :)

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