Sunday, May 8, 2011

Food Bucket List

My husband and I are moving. I am truly scared, excited, and nervous about this. I came to this area in 2001 for college; two degrees and eleven years later, I am finally moving. Trae has pretty much grown up around this area, and this summer will be his first summer not spent at the near by lake. Instead, we will spending our one year anniversary trying to find plates to eat off amongst all the boxes. In order to give this move a little more buffoonery, we have come up with a Food Bucket List. We have listed all the places we can to eat in the last two months we have left at home. I am posting our huge list here by area, as well as including links that I could find for each place. After we eat there, I will cross if off the list and blog about it (what we ate there, why it is on the list, etc).

Ok...on to the list:


356 (Monday Night Sushi Special)
Blue Heron (Burger Night)
Nick's Bar
Daawat Indian Buffett
Backstreet Pub & Deli
Peppino's Pizza

Todaro's Pizza
Super Taco
Calhoun Corner's 
Tony's Pizza
House of Leung Chinese 

(Any loyal Clemson fan will notice the lack of certain staples, such as Tiger Town Tavern; however, we know we will get out fill those those delicious foods when we come into town for Clemson home games!)

Fiesta Mexican Grill
Sidetracked Cafe
Central Main Street Deli 
Monk's Coner

Smoking Pig BBQ
Waffle King
Mac's Drive In
Village Bakery

Palm Gas Station Slushie 
Paesano's Italian Restaurant

BBQ on the Run
McGee's Irish Pub

Coffee Underground
Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine
Rainer's Cafe
Melting Pot...Girl's Monday Night Out
O-cha Tea Bar
Barley's Tap Room

Total: 31 Places (four of which are pizza know you are in a college town when....)

I can't promise we will get to all these places, because I sadly don't have a summer job and Dave Ramsey's budget is already frowning on our food map of the area. (We see fun...Dave sees dollars!) Yet, we are going to try, by nifty budgeting, selling of things on craigslist, and a yard sale. It is the summer of fine eats on a college kid budget!


niki said...

Peppinos Pizza makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Fool in a Tree said...

Sad? How can such wonderful thick crust make you sad?

It makes Trae's belly sad after eating too much!