Sunday, May 8, 2011

That wasn't much of a kiss!

Dear William and Kate,

I am not a morning person, yet I still woke up for your glorious wedding on Friday. Being a Yank, as all you Brits call us, I couldn't feel more removed from the Royals; however, after watching your wedding from couch with a plate of British inspired 5 am breakfast, I truly feel connect with you two. Cliche? Cheesy? Yes, but true.

I feel connected to you because I too suffered from the first kiss jitters. My future husband and I talked, practiced, and debated the merits of length, passion, tongue. Pressure from parents dedicated that we keep it a simple, quick, yet loving kiss. Lucky for us, no one timed us, the press did not put up headlines, declaring the kiss too short and thank goodness there was a second one to satisfy the gluttonous crowd. No, none of that. There was just one kiss.....and his grandmother sitting on the front row of the small, aptly echoing chapel.

"Well, that wasn't much of a kiss!"

Now, Will and Kate, you don't have to read the newspapers; you can ignore the press, especially when regrading your day. However, I cannot avoid hearing an elderly Southern Belle nicknamed Peaches hotly and humorously  declaring her displeasure in the kiss. (FYI, you can even hear her say it on the wedding video. Press reports aren't heard on wedding videos!)

Therefore, I want you to know that I understand the pressure you felt on the balcony. Just be glad the Queen didn't give you a lecture on "how you are suppose to take her and SHOW you that you LOVE her! Suppose to have put some passion in it!"

(I promise to you both, that after the wedding, while waiting in a secluded area of the church, my husband swooped me up into his arms and SHOWED me that he loved me with a huge wonderful kiss...a caliber of kiss that I am sure you two shared away from the public eye on your wedding day!)

Lack Luster Wedding Kisser


A Letter to All My Non-Royal Readers

Dear Royally-awesome Readers,

Yes, you did read my letter to Will and Kate correctly; I was in fact up at 5 am watching the royal wedding. What that letter does not tell you is that I woke up at 3am, because I have BBC America, and they started their coverage of the wedding at 3am. Lucky for me, my husband was on a fishing trip with his father, so he wasn't around to call me psycho royal stalker between snores. I also had to finish my prep work for my royal wedding breakfast in case my mom felt well enough to come. (Sadly, she did not.) I even pulled out the wedding dishes, champagne glasses, and a table cloth! My wedding breakfast feast for one was:
  • Fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
  • British short bread (recipe to follow)
  • Chocolate chip hot cross buns
  • Eggy Cheesy Yummy casserole (recipe to follow) 
  • Sparkling cider mocktail (description to follow) 
And please pardon me, but I am going to brag on my spread with the following photos:

As you can see, I had a princess tea party for myself! I do wish my mother had been well enough to join, but I did enjoy my one person party. I loved putting on a pretty nightgown and setting up a beautiful table. I felt like I was a VIP to a fancy party! Sometimes treating yourself at home is better to a wonderful meal is more uplifting than a bubble bath, new pair of shoes, or even a massage. Grant, dishes have to be cleaned afterward, but something special exists when you sit down in front of a snazzy meal knowing that it sits there to be consumed by you and you only...that you are the special recipient of such a meal.

Anyways, I would love to hear how you spent the Royal wedding day!!

The Hopeless Romantic

Recipes coming ASAP!


MJ said...

Carrie, as a fellow 'got up at a ridiculous hour and watched THE wedding', thought you might enjoy this t-mobile video. xoxo Still wearing my wedding hat...MJ

Fool in a Tree said...

Love the video!!