Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pasta and Palm

Trae took me on a date a while back in May when I was up to my neck in boxes and feeling guilty that the 50 dollars I had spent on the Central Rec. Center membership that was not getting used. I did start off working out and swimming the first two weeks of the membership, but then my workouts became building boxes and hauling stuff into those boxes.

The date was to Paesono's Italian Grill in Seneca. I had been there twice before, but Trae never had. Driving to Seneca to eat always makes me think of Mum's Italia Ristorante, which was located where Copper River Grill now resides. Mum's was the default and delicious choice for roomies' night out. My two roommates and I from junior year use to get dressed up and drive to Seneca in Mel's trusty brown Volvo just to eat at Mum's. Mum's was classy but not overly pricey like the nicer restaurants in Clemson. The decor was unique and large Venetian-looking glass vases decorated the beams in the entrance and bar area.  Other Italian influenced decorations graced the main dining area.

Each meal was delicious and flavored with laughs. My favorite dish was a chicken pasta with toasted pine nuts and goat cheese. The pasta had a light olive oil sauce that mixed with the melting goat cheese. Each bite consisted of strings melted cheese that stuck to your lips and fork. The pine nuts added a nice crunch to the gooey dish.

We also always split dessert.

Now my old roomies are living in different states, Mum's has closed, and  it is my husband and I dressing up to eat Italian in Seneca. Paesono's is tucked away from the main drag of Seneca, which makes it hard to find but also more appealing. By being away from the main drag, diners can imagine they have driven to bigger cities like Greenville for dinner.  

The food is delicious. The garlic knots drip with garlic making kissing even your husband impossible. Calamari was crunchy with a light marina dipping sauce. Trae had a huge sampler platter while I had pasta primavera. The pasta was full of vegetables and the sauce wasn't too heavy. It was perfect for someone who was tired of packing, and gave me flash backs of wonderful Italian meals with roommates and friends over the years. (I felt sort of like Ego from Ratatouille, sucked back into better times that did not content tears brought on by  packing trauma.)
Ego's flashback from Ratatouille

The meal left us happy and relaxed, as well as a little sleepy with full pasta bellies. On the way back, we decided we needed dessert and stopped at the Palm Gas Station. While a gas station does not seem like a good balance for a fabulously cooked Italian meal, the Palm Gas Station slushies are high-classed.  These slushies are so good that bullies would not waste them for slushie facials.

The wall of slushies at Palm are a marvel to behold. At least ten flavors line the wall, but I only need two: Mocha and French Vanilla coffee. I fill my cup up mainly with Mocha flavor and then add a tiny bit of French Vanilla to the top (almost like adding a whip cream topper). The best part is that the extra-large slushie, which consists of 32 ozs of frozen heaven, is only two dollars. 

On the ride home while half asleep, I got to sip on my dessert knowing that packing would get done and that my husband would be there to help me. Or at least give me foot rubs when I needed them and that very soon I would be on the couch getting a foot rub while I finished my dessert. At that moment, while passing the old home of Mum's, things had come full circle.

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