Wednesday, June 8, 2011

State of Mind

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss

I am happy with those glorious years. I resided in Clemson for ten years, ever since I came there in 2001 as a scared and excited freshman, who hugged her parents goodbye and tried not to cry as they left. Now I am a married woman who tried not to cry as she left. 

The reason for my lack of blogging is that our moving timeline went nuts. We were suppose to move in July, but now, I am living in the new apartment in a new state while Trae is living in the old apartment (now a haven of packed boxes) with the cats. The community college we are working for in the fall called me and asked me if I wanted to tutor and teach for the summer. We also found an apartment we loved and it couldn't be held till the end of July. Therefore, five days after finding out I had a summer job, the car was packed with a blow up mattress, some basic kitchen essentials (the coffee pot), a Clemson fold out chair, and a tailgate table.  In the meantime, when I am in SC on the weekends, I go into packing overdrive.

Since the pots and pans are packed, we do eat out a lot, and are still working on the bucket list. In my free time, I will blog about the bucket list from the comfort of my fold out chair.

I never thought that my one-year wedding anniversary gift would be living with my husband in the same state for the first time in two months.  Yet, overall, I have enjoyed exploring and getting to know our new home. The people are wonderfully friendly, and I have already had many wonderful experiences of random acts of kindness. (A campus policeman saw I had a flat tire and kept checking the parking lot till I got there just so he could help, because he knew that from looking at the car I was a girl and an out-of-stater. He told me that he likes to think someone would help his daughter in the same situation.)

Also, our new kitchen is amazing. (I have already made cupcakes. I might not have a bed, but by golly I have baking supplies!) 

P.S. I will be adding pictures to my posts, but if it wasn't downloaded onto the computer already I can't get them off the camera. The picture-remover thingy is packed...oops.


Tanya said...

I'm so glad it's going so well! We miss you here, of course, but if you can't be with us, we at least want you happy. :)

Erin M. said...

wow, I didn't realize you'd put in 10 years (save for that stint in Asheville:))!

it must've been hard to leave, but it's always there to welcome you back:) I'm glad the move didn't become too painful, and that you're back with your husband again in terms of sharing the same roof:)

brava, m'dear, on a brave move:)