Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tony's Pizza

I come from a long line of Clemson graduates. When my cousin went to Clemson, the television show Saved by the Bell taught me through their college dream sequences that college was all about eating pizza and thinking of creative ways to get out of class. My first visit to her dorm room was disappointing because to my shock, not a single pizza box could be found in the room. I even asked where all the pizza boxes where and did she just throw them away since we were coming to visit.

Even though my cousin didn't have pizza boxes in her room, I know that my rooms at Clemson saw their fair share of pizza boxes. Saved by the Bell had one thing kids love their pizza, and Clemson knows that. Clemson has a plethora of pizza places to choose from. The chain pizza joints thrive at Clemson, such as Pizza Hut and Papa Johns; however most students and townies alike get their pizza from the local joints.  Todaro's and Peppino's are downtown Clemson, and stay up late to accommodate student schedules. Tony's Pizza is located in an older shopping center that is a hodgepodge of things: Gold's Gym, bagel shop with very random hours, and a thrift store.

Tony's Pizza, when it opened, seemed to doomed from the start. Nothing survived in that shopping center. Even when Win Dixie was open, the shops or restaurants in the strip only managed to stay open for a few months. Yet, Tony's has endured. After months of driving by it to church or on the way home, Trae and I decided to order a Tony's pizza. No special occasion prompted us to try Tony's,  The pizzas are not beautiful and at first glance, we were not sure what we had just ordered. In all honest, they have a slight school cafeteria pizza look to them. We were surprised at the quality of taste due to the cheap price.

The pizza is wonderful in its simplicity. The crust is not extremely thick, but does not qualify as a thin crust either.  The sauce is not overly sweet and no distinct cheeses stand out in the cheese blend. The sausage isn't huge hunks, but tiny crumbles that are spread evenly over the pizza. Yet, the basic ingredients come together to make a very satisfying pizza for under ten dollars. Does the pizza have the spice of Peppino's? No. Does the pizza have the greasy-goodness of Todaro's? Nope. But it is a simple, delicious, non mass-produced product that makes for a wonderful Monday night dinner while watching Top Gear with the husband.

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