Monday, January 10, 2011

Giddy Happy Circles

While I have lived in the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains, snow was not something that was seen in great abundances in my childhood. Therefore, when it snows, I become a five year old, running circles. My toboggan literally looks like Shrek. It is green with little ear/ dilly-boppers and everything. It was a present for when I moved to Asheville, NC. (Everyone thought I was going to freeze to death; they were close to being right!)

I remember I once called out of work at Biltmore just so I could play in the snow. The next day I had to go in and made a snowman off the view point from Edith Vanderbilt's bedroom. Throughout the day other employees added touches to him. He ended up with latex gloves from housekeeping,  a scarf from another tour guide, etc. The next day a memo was issued about keeping the prestigious upscale nature of the Estate and the Vanderbilt family intact, and thusly no more snowmen. Oops? Anyways.......

Today is snowed. A lot. Six inches or so. It also happened to be the first day of school at the technical college I teach out. The excitement level exceed 100%; not only was it a snow day, but it was a SCHOOL day with snow!! Cue five year old behavior and running circles. (I didn't  make a snowman, but I did make a snow angel and played on the apartment playground!) Even better news....School is canceled tomorrow too!!

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