Thursday, January 27, 2011

Books, Books, Books

A friend of mine posted a link to a website on Facebook: Book Shelf Porn. I love books. My whole office space is full of books. Parting with three boxes of books when I got married was hard...physically painful even. But I did it all for love! (Ah, do you not just love over-dramatic yet true cliches?)  While my office does not look like these marvelous works of art, I am proud of its overcrowded shelves and eclectic wall space. While drooling on Book Shelf Porn, I found a few (ok, A LOT of) jewels and I wanted to share....

One picture:

I am Harry Potter NUT! I have tons of Harry Potter memorabilia: books, wands, Legos. The last movie is being released around our one year wedding anniversary. I am already planning a one year Harry Potter party complete with a midnight showing of the last movie! 

Then I found a well written book blog: Both Eyes Book Blog. I found a very old entry of hers that rewrites "I like Big Butts" (Mind you one of my two bridesmaids did a stand up fantastic version of this song....WORD FOR WORD at my wedding! It was amazing. I died laughing!) While, in honor of her and my book love, I will share her post: I like big books and I cannot lie

The words are as follow:
Oh, my, god.  Becky, look at her book.
It is so big.  She looks like,
One of those writers’ girlfriends.
But, you know, who understands those writers?
They only talk to her, because,
She looks like a dang librarian, ‘kay?
I mean, that book, is just so big.
I can’t believe it’s just so thick, it’s like,
A tome, I mean – whoa.  Look!
She’s got a stack!
I like big books and I cannot lie
You other bloggers can’t deny
I’ve got my books stacked up in an itty bitty space
And one in front of my face
I read Proust, I don’t think it’s so tough
You might notice I can’t get enough
At the fat books I’m staring
I’m hooked on the book comparing
O Author, I want your signature -
Autographed picture
My dilemma is thorny
A big book has just got to adorn me
Ooh, readin’ women
You say you want to impress my friends?
Well, bring grub, don’t flub
‘Cause we ain’t the average book club
I’ve seen them chit-chat
To hell with groups like that
We read, feed
We’ve got all the discussion you need
I’m tired of magazines
I say fat books are the thing
Take the average reader and ask him that
I got a full backpack
So, fellas!  (Yeah!)  Fellas!  (Yeah!)
Has your girlfriend got a book?  (Hell yeah!)
Tell her to share it!  (Share it!)  Share it!  (Share it!)
Share that heavy book!
Baby got book!
(Pulitzer Prize, Man Booker also)
Baby got book!
I like ‘em thick, and big
And complicated like Trig
I just can’t help myself, I’m actin’ like a recluse
Now here’s my excuse
I wanna get it home
And ugh, read all night, ugh, ugh
I ain’t talkin’ bout Netflix
‘Cause some books are gonna be my picks
I want ‘em real thick and juicy
So find that juicy novel
I might even grovel
Lookin’ for a book in my hovel
I don’t waste time watchin’ videos
At the mall shoppin’ for clothes
I am not a bimbo
I’ve got the book readin’ mojo
A word to the lit crit sisters, I wanna get with ya
And discuss literature
But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna read
Till the break of dawn
Books got it goin’ on
Novice readers won’t like this song
‘Cause when they just don’t get it, they quit it
But I’ve got the need to read
If it’s long, can’t go wrong
When I’m down to get some fiction on
So, Larry!  (Yeah!)  Mary!  (Yeah!)
If you wanna check out my library  (Yeah!)
Then come around!  Check it out!
Even frat boys got to shout
Baby got book!
Baby got book!
Yeah, baby… when it comes to reading, Cosmo ain’t got nothing
To do with my selection.  Say you’re only on page 36?  Ha ha, ‘m already in chapter three.
So your reading tastes are shoddy, rather work on your Pilates
Everybody’s more impressed if you are good at karate
The literati don’t care none
Unless you read books, hun
On the bus, in the bathtub
But please don’t lose that book
Some people don’t have the attention
For literary invention
They see a book and leave it
I see it but I don’t believe it
Cosmo’s about fashion
Not the bookish passion
When you’re at the mall and you’re contemplatin’
Some readin’ meditation
The pointless features in the magazines:
They just ain’t the thing!
Give me a classic, or I’ll go spastic
Ring it up on the plastic
Some knucklehead might have missed
All the classics on my list
He’d rather sit around, watch TV
Won’t be able to compete with me
So ladies who have books around
And who might want a Scrabble throw down,
Is the blog for your thoughts
Baby got book!
Bookmark in the middle of a paperback [4x]

Hope you enjoy my finds! (Just wondering: What is your favorite book?)

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Erin M. said...

Hahaha. I remember that rendition.

Wheezy climbed up on the desk to read your blog. He favorite book is "The Art of War" but mine... Oh, to pick... Currently re-reading "The Little Prince" on my bedside for 5 minutes a night (studying for big exam 2/12 so light reading before bed is crucial). I dunno, I like books that take me somewhere else, that make me happy, and that make me dream:) Of course, Harry Potter qualifies.

I'd follow your blog but you don't have that turned on; it makes it easier b/c it'll show up in my news feed when you update:)

I'm enjoying reading the thoughts of you:)