Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kitty Introduction

I have three cats and since I know I will be talking about them a good bit, I figured you should be introduced to them. My husband knows they are my true loves, especially Clementine. She was the"first born" so to speak. From this picture, you can clearly see where his place is in the relationship of girl, boy, and cats.

Clementine is a light colored calico with no tail. (She is a manx, so no I did not cut off her tail!) Her spots have tabby stripes and when she meows, she sticks out her tongue...every time! She was my only love at first sight experience! She is probably the funnier of all the cats, but her adoption is rather bland. Pet's Mart one week, saw her, came back a week later, she was still there, she came home.

Mona's full name is Mona Lisa. She is a darker colored calico with a half black, half orange face, and is the reincarnation of my mom's favorite cat Lisa; my godmother even asked me on Facebook the other day is Mona was Lisa's reincarnation and Lisa has been gone for about 14 years. (My mom loved that cat so much, she wanted to name me Lisa when I was born. Lisa did not pass away till I was in high school. Yeah, you read that right. She wanted to name me after a cat that was living.) Mom called me one day, crying from Pet's Mart; all I understood was "Lisa! Lisa!" My dad took the phone from her, and said, "She has found Lisa's twin. If her (five) cats don't like Lisa Jr, will you take her?" Well, Mona is Mom's favorite grandkitty!

Sam Libby is dad's girl. The husband did not want to keep her but since we were not even engaged when she came into the apartment, I still called ALL the shots. Sam Libby was thrown from a moving car and barely weighed four pounds, which for an almost year old cat is emancipated, when she was found. One of her legs was crushed and talks of having it amputated were had. (Side note: Almost named her Easel because tripod sounded too cruel, and easel was a sophisticated way of saying three legged.) Good news...She is fat (daddy defends her, "rolly polly!") and has all four legs. She is has a shoe fetish.

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